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my name is yves raffael jonas hintenaus and I'm a writer who thoroughly enjoys the hard-earned liberties of Vienna, a wonderfully illuminating and colourful city. Its marvellous people, its history so decadent and ambivalent but core to the european union; astonishing empowerment achieved by many great leaders, revolutionaries and lots of brave women and men.

Our World is in desperate need of more real democracy, and a change in our structure of communications to give broader attention to critically important promising political theory; voices clear, direct and visionary to lead in a democratic socialist way in the spirit of Rosa Luxemburg and Bruno Kreisky.

Whether it be the incredibly insightful works of Judith Butler like gender trouble or Wittgenstein's late classic philosophische untersuchungen or the highly-regarded capitalist realism by Mark Fisher; constituting some parts of my intellectual web and allowing one to acquire this highly-complex modi of thinking to somewhat structure the chaos of our situation seen globally.

Or if we look at some other dearly influential thinkers to me, like Slavoj Zizek and his notoriously idiosyncratic, complex works and his unique style of this Hegelian-Lacanian type of philosophising, his somewhat classic moralist position of Berufung as in calling of the individual and therefore the quest to explore wherein it may lie;

or Noam Chomsky through his genius and paradigm-shifting role in the linguistic turn, his decades of precise and bold critique in international politics, his indispensable analysis of the sublime mechanisms of control like manufacturing consent or media control.

Martin Buber fascinating to me, especially his profound classic Ich und Du; in numerous ways it is crucially important. First and foremost because of its clarity about what constitutes the basic elements of human existence, how they feel and how they are structured; secondly its beautiful aphoristic, almost poetic presentation that shines through its ability to be a dead end when taken too literally. and thirdly because my understanding of this magnum opus implies many implications in political theory and action.

Chaos is order yet undeciphered.

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